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Lawrence Ennis CMG[1] OBE[1] (31 August 1871 – 5 May 1938)[1] was a Scottish-born engineer.

He was best known as the managing director of Dorman Long and the main supervisor of the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.[2]


Ennis was born in West Calder, Scotland.[2] He was descended from a family of engineers on his maternal line.[3] He went to work in a shale pit from the age of twelve.[4] When he was 15 he emigrated with his family to the United States.[4]

Ennis managed one of the American Bridge Company's largest sites by 1900.[2] Ennis joined Dorman Long in 1903 as superintendent in charge of bridge and constructional works.[5] In 1905 he was made works manager.[5] Ennis became general manager of the company in 1915 and a company director in 1924.[6]

Ennis was appointed OBE in 1918, in reignition of his conversion of the Dorman Long works into a munitions manufacturing site during World War One.[7]

From 1924 to 1932 Ennis was resident in Australia to manage the construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge.[8][9]

Upon his return to Britain in 1932, Ennis was appointed managing director of Dorman Long.[10] Under his tenure the firm built a large steelworks at Warrenby, Redcar.[11]

He died in 1938.[12]


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