Lawrence Frick State Hospital

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Lawrence Frick State Hospital
Location Cresson, Pennsylvania, United States
Funding Government hospital
Hospital type State Mental Health Hospital
Patron None
Helipad No
Founded 1912
Closed 1984
Lists Hospitals in Pennsylvania
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Lawrence Frick State Hospital was a state mental health hospital near Cresson, Pennsylvania that had several different names and uses before becoming defunct and converted into a prison in the 1980s.

Cresson Tuberculosis Sanatorium (1916–1964)[edit]

The facility [1] was used at first as a treatment center for tuberculosis patients as the mountain air was supposedly good for treatment. Construction on the facility started in 1912 and took four years to complete. The land on which this facility sat was donated by steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie.

Current Day and Preservation (1987-Present)[edit]

  • The graves of deceased patients has been turned into a memorial outside the facility by then-Pennsylvania First Lady, Ginny Thornburgh. The memorial is maintained by DOC Maintenance Employees and inmates at the facility.
  • The facility re-opened in 1987 as State Correctional Institution – Cresson and operated as such until 2013.