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Lawrence Harmon Brown (born December 21, 1962) is an American writer, computer geek, volunteer and arcade hobbyist who lives in Colorado. He was also a founding team contributor for the Cisco Networking Academy project.


Brown was born and raised in Pryor Creek, Oklahoma. After the death of his father at age 15, his family moved west of town, where he remained until High School graduation in 1981. He immediately joined the Navy and served for four years as an electricians mate, his last year aboard the USS Leftwich. Over the years he has founded two Amiga Users groups; TAG (Tulsa Amiga Group) and TOGA (The Other Group of Amigoids). It was this second group, started in the silicon valley area, and the personalized license plate "AMIGOID" that inspired him to use Amigoid as his pen name for Superguy stories. During his five years at Cisco, he also spearheaded the creation of a fully equipped computer lab for Costano Elementary School, part of the Ravenswood City School District, and other computer-related charitable projects. Lawrence currently lives in Aurora, with his wife and two children, (one who is also starting to write for Superguy). In his spare time he tinkers with old pinball machines, his custom-designed MAME cabinet, and restores/repairs computers for the volunteer organization LifeByte.[1]

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