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Lawrence Lasker at WarGames 25th anniversary showing

Lawrence C. Lasker (born October 7, 1949) is an American screenwriter and producer who entered American film in 1983 as writer of the movie WarGames.

Lasker was born in Los Angeles County, California. He is the son of actress Jane Greer and producer Edward Lasker. His paternal grandfather was businessman Albert Lasker and his paternal step-grandmother was actress Doris Kenyon. He graduated from the Phillips Exeter Academy in 1967 and attended Yale University, as did his father.

Credited work[edit]

Lasker was credited for work in at least the following movies:

Additionally, he created the TV series Eddie Dodd along with its pilot episode that first aired in 1991.

Work nominated for awards[edit]

Lasker and Walter F. Parkes were nominated for an Academy Award in screenwriting in 1983 for WarGames. He and Parkes were later also nominated for Best Picture of the Year in 1990 for Awakenings.

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