Lawrence Van Gelder

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Lawrence Van Gelder
Born February 1932 (age 82–83)
New York, New York, USA
Occupation Editor, reporter, instructor in journalism
Notable credit(s) The New York Times, New York Journal-American, New York Daily Mirror
Relatives Richard Van Gelder (brother)
Gordon Van Gelder (nephew)
Leslie Van Gelder (niece)
Russell Van Gelder (nephew)

Lawrence Van Gelder is an American journalist and instructor in journalism who has worked at several different New York City-based newspapers in his long career. Until 2010 he was senior editor of the Arts and Leisure weekly section of The New York Times as well as a film critic.[1] Among the newspapers for which Van Gelder has worked are the New York Daily Mirror, the New York Journal-American and the World-Journal-Tribune.


Richard Van Gelder was his brother and Gordon Van Gelder, the editor and publisher of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, is a nephew. He began working at the Times in May 1967.


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