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Lawrence Wilkinson is Chairman of Heminge & Condell, a strategic advisory and investment firm, and cofounder of Global Business Network (GBN), where he helped pioneer the use of the scenario planning technique, now widely used by organizations in their strategic planning.

Wilkinson has authored and edited numerous publications and Harvard Business School case studies ranging from Public Broadcasting in the U.S. (Harvard Business School Press) to The Cambridge Milton Cambridge University Press. He is the author of "How To Build Scenarios" (Wired, 1995). He has produced and executive-produced numerous television programs, multimedia titles, and feature films, including Crumb (Sony Pictures Classics).

He also has contributed regularly to general and business periodicals and national television, cable, and radio business news programs, including Wired, Backstage, Business Times, Nightly Business Report, and The Wall Street Journal Report. His articles and essays have been anthologized in a number of collections, most recently in Strategy Bites Back (edited by Henry Mintzberg, et al., Pearson/Prentice-Hall, 2005). He has served as a McKinsey Prize judge.

Wilkinson is an adviser to and director of a number of companies that he helped start, including Oxygen Media, Ealing Studios, Design With Reach, Mercantila, and Lieberman Productions. He is a member of the Board of Visitors of Davidson College, and is on the Boards of The Pacific News Service, New America Media, Public Radio International, Public Interactive, Institute for the Future, Global Lives Project and Common Sense Media.