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Sir Lawrence Arthur Barratt (14 November 1927 – 19 December 2012) was the founder of Barratt Developments, one of the largest housebuilders in the United Kingdom.[1]


Brought up in the North East of England, Barratt left school at 14[2] and initially trained as an accountant.[3] Frustrated at the high purchase prices of houses for first-time buyers, in 1953 Barratt decided to go ahead and build his own house in Darras Hall.[3]

Lawrie Barratt established Barratt Developments in 1958: as chairman and chief executive and by extensive marketing he expanded it to become one of the largest housebuilders in the United Kingdom. Knighted in 1982,[4] he retired from both roles in 1988 but in 1991 was called out of retirement to become chairman again and restore the fortunes of the business.[5]

He retired for good in 1997 and lived in Corbridge.[6] In retirement he remained Life President and a significant shareholder in the Company.[7] He died on 19 December 2012[8] aged 85.


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