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The following is a list of notable lawsuits involving United States President Donald Trump. The list excludes cases naming the president as a matter of course, including habeas corpus requests.


Lawsuits around United States Constitution[edit]

Lawsuits around Executive Orders[edit]

Lawsuit around Presidential Proclamations[edit]

Lawsuits around Presidential Memorandums[edit]

Lawsuits around potential legal violations[edit]

Lawsuits around the United States Census[edit]

Lawsuits around Trump political campaigns[edit]

  • Lawsuit alleging that the Trump Campaign used mass, unsolicited communication of promotional messages that the plaintiffs did not consent to receive[11]
    • Thorne v. Donald J Trump for President Inc.
  • Lawsuit alleging Russian interference in the 2016 Federal Elections, the Trump campaign was accused of engaging in a racketeering enterprise in conjunction with Russia and WikiLeaks
  • Lawsuit regarding a pattern of persistent illegal conduct, occurring over more than a decade, that includes extensive unlawful political coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing transactions to benefit Mr. Trump’s personal and business interests, and violations of basic legal obligations for non-profit foundations
  • Lawsuit in which plaintiffs alleged Trump's security team assaulted them during a 2015 peaceful protest based around Trump's campaign comments about Black Lives Matter and Mexican immigrants
  • Lawsuit alleging Trump encouraged an atmosphere of violence and anti-Trump protesters were subjected to attacks and racial slurs being led out of a campaign rally in 2016
    • Nwanguma v. Trump[14]
  • Lawsuit alleging that Trump and the Republican National Committee colluded to prevent any competition to Trump’s re-election campaign.
    • Roque De La Fuente v. Trump & Republican National Committee

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Lawsuits around potential sexual misconduct and assault[edit]

  • Lawsuit by Katie Johnson which alleges that Trump and Jeffrey Epstein sexually and physically abused her under threats to physically harm her and her family while a 13-year-old minor from June–September 1994
    • Katie Johnson v. Donald J Trump and Jeffrey E Epstein[18] (dismissed)
  • Lawsuit by Jane Doe which alleges Trump and Epstein engaged in forcible rape, imprisonment and assault while she was 13-year-old minor and another 12-year-old girl in 1994
    • Jane Doe v. Donald Trump & Jeffrey E Epstein[19] (dismissed by Doe)[20][21]
  • Lawsuit by former campaign staffer, Alva Johnson, who claims that Trump forcibly kissed her at a rally in Florida in August 2016, the lawsuit also alleges unequal pay standards for her an African-American woman compared to others on the team
    • Johnson v. Trump[22]
  • Defamation lawsuit raised by Summer Zervos which arose from Trump's statement that she lied about sexual assault allegations against him
  • Defamation lawsuit raised by E. Jean Carroll which arose from Trump's denials of her accusation that he sexually assaulted her more than 20 years ago damaged her reputation
    • Carroll v. Trump[24]

Lawsuits around financial manipulation and employee payment[edit]

  • Lawsuit alleging violations of employee payment regarding not paying him for "thousands of hours of overtime" to which he was legally entitled during his more than two decades of service
  • Lawsuit alleging that Trump and his adult children had made a large amount of money by encouraging unsophisticated investors to join fraudulent schemes

Lawsuits around Trumps financial and tax information[edit]

  • Appeal lawsuit against the Mazars accounting firm, in an effort to have Trump's financial information kept private
  • Appeal lawsuit against the Deutsche Bank and Capital One Bank from fulfilling the subpoenas issued to the company by the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees for Trumps, his adult children, and his businesses financial records
  • Case before the Supreme Court of the United States: Does a grand-jury subpoena by a state District Attorney for the President's financial records violate Article II and the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution?
  • Case in D.C. court challenging the New York TRUST Act, which gives Congress the right to obtain tax information on New York residents. Case dismissed November 11, 2019.
    • Donald J. Trump v. Committee on Ways and Means, et al.[31]

Lawsuits around environmental concerns[edit]

All current pending prosecution[edit]

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