Lawtey Correctional Institution

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Lawtey Correctional Institution
Lawtey Correctional Institution.jpg
Location22298 Northeast County Road 200B
Lawtey, Florida
Coordinates30°02′02″N 82°04′21″W / 30.033979°N 82.072379°W / 30.033979; -82.072379Coordinates: 30°02′02″N 82°04′21″W / 30.033979°N 82.072379°W / 30.033979; -82.072379
Managed byFlorida Department of Corrections

The Lawtey Correctional Institution (also LCI) is a Level 3 security prison facility for adult males in Lawtey, Florida, U.S.A. The facility was established in 1973 as a Community Vocational Center Housing for work release inmates. In 1977 it switched to a major institution housing for adult male inmates. In 2004, the Correctional Institution became a male Faith- and Character-Based Institution (FCBI). The Dinsmore Work Release Center, the Bridges of Jacksonville Work Release Center, and the Shisa East Work Release Center are today under the supervision of LCI.

The total staff in 2012 was 237 and has a maximum inmate capacity of 832.[1][2][3]