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LAX is the IATA airport code for Los Angeles International Airport.

LAX or Lax may also refer to:



Media and entertainment[edit]

Science and linguistics[edit]

  • Laxative, a concoction that loosens the bowels
  • Lax pair, a type of differential equation a pair of matrices that solve a differential equation, named after Peter Lax
  • A lax vowel, one that lacks the quality of tenseness


  • Anneli Cahn Lax (1922–1999), an American mathematician
  • Benjamin Lax (1915–2015), an American physicist
  • Gaspar Lax (1487–1560), a Spanish mathematician, logician, and philosopher
  • Peter Lax (born 1926), a Hungarian-American mathematician
  • Rick Lax (born 1982), an American entertainer

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