Laxey railway station

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Laxey station
Stashoon Laksaa
Location Laxey, Isle of Man
Coordinates 54°13′55″N 4°24′21″W / 54.23194°N 4.40583°W / 54.23194; -4.40583Coordinates: 54°13′55″N 4°24′21″W / 54.23194°N 4.40583°W / 54.23194; -4.40583
Owned by Isle of Man Railways
Line(s) Manx Electric Railway
Snaefell Mountain Railway
Platforms Ground Level
Tracks 2 (Manx Electric railway); 2 (Mountain Railway)
Structure type Station / Waiting Room / Cafe
Parking On Site
Opened 1894 (1894)
Previous names Manx Electric Railway Co.
Preceding station   Isle of Man rail network   Following station
Car Sheds   Manx Electric Railway
(Douglas - Ramsey)
  Dumbell's Row
Terminus   Snaefell Mountain Railway
(Laxey - Summit)

Laxey station is a railway station in the village of Laxey on the east coast of the Isle of Man. It is the principal intermediate station on the Manx Electric Railway (3' 0" (914 mm) gauge) as well as being the lower terminus of the Snaefell Mountain Railway (3' 6" (1067 mm) gauge, to accommodate a central braking rail). It is thus the island's only dual-gauge station, albeit with completely separate tracks. Some MER services from/to Douglas terminate here.


The tin-roofed station building dates from the early years of the line and features the station name in large lettering painted on its roof. This building houses a booking office and a café as well as the station toilets, and was extensively refurbished in 1994, marking the centenary of the tram service to the village, though not on this site.


The first terminal was located on the site of today's sub-station[clarification needed], whilst the viaduct (at the southern end of the station) was constructed to bridge the gap over the Glen Roy below.

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