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A lay preacher at a nineteenth-century Haugean conventicle.
Læstadian lay preacher from Finnmark, Norway, 1898

Lay preacher is a preacher or a religious proclaimer who is not a formally ordained cleric. Lay preaching varies in importance between religions and their sects. Although lay preachers in many Christian denominations may be accorded titles such as Reverend as a courtesy by people – including those in their congregation – it is only once a priest, cleric, minister or reverend has been ordained that he/she can correctly adopt that title.[1]

Movements which encourage lay preachership include:

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  1. ^ Best Practices for Guest for Preachers in Unitarian Universalist Pulpits (PDF). UUA. Summer 2017. Retrieved 25 March 2020. Be aware that the title “Reverend” applies to ministers who have been ordained. Some ministers are in candidate status, or otherwise have not earned the “Rev.” title.