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Layth Abdulamir is a Franco-Iraqian film-maker born 24/10/1957 in Iraq. Since 1994, he has made films for various TV channels in France. He left Iraq in 1977 to study film at the Sorbonne in Paris and obtained his MA Degree in 1985 (majoring in film) at the Kiev National Theater, Film and Television University I. K. Karpenko-Kary, where he is in the final stages of finishing his doctorate. He has won a number of International awards for his films. He made the films: “The Cradle” (1985) in the ex-USSR; “Yemen, A Time for the Sacred” (1994), a Franco-Belgian co-production; “Iraq, The Song of the Missing Men” (2005), an ethnological reading of post-occupation realities in Iraq; “The Executioner’s Tear” (2013) a condemnation of barbarian executions that was co-produced by France 3 and Orok Films.

At present Layth Adulamir is a film critic for a number of Arab language journals and also a Master’s class Instructor.



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