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Thia is a list of fictional objects and materials existing in the DC Universe.

Alien devices[edit]

  • The Absorbascon: Thanagarian device used by Hawkman and Hawkwoman to learn Earth's languages.
  • Apokolips Armor: Apokolips technology worn by Steel, Superman (Elseworlds) and Rocket Red.
  • Astro-Harness: Worn by Orion to create the Astro-Force.
  • Astro-Discs: Discs wielded by Big Barda.
  • The Birthing Matrix: Held Kal-El's embryonic form, sent to Earth by his father, Jor-El.[needs update]
  • Boom tube: Interdimensional means of transport used by the New Gods.
  • Central Power Battery on Oa: a power-source of the green lantern battery taken from the planet itself.
  • The Claw of Horus: A gauntlet of Nth metal wielded by Hawkman.
  • The Cosmic Egg: Came into being after the JLA and the Avengers defeated Krona—speculated to give birth to another universe.
  • The Emerald Eye of Ekron: A powerful disembodied eye once wielded by the Green Lantern Ekron; later used by the Emerald Empress.
  • Entropy Aegis: A suit made of Apokoliptian technology used by Steel in fight with the Imperiex probes.
  • The Gamma Gong: A vibratory weapon used by the warlord Kanjar Ro.
  • Green Lantern's Power Battery: Provides energy for his Power Ring.
  • Krona's Power Gauntlet: Used by the villain Sarko and created billions of years ago by Krona.
  • The Mobius Chair: A device of infinite power which can traverse space and time.
  • Mother Boxes: Portable computers that connect the New Gods to The Source.
  • The Phantom Zone Projector: A Kryptonian weapon used to banish criminals to a prison dimension.
  • The Power Ring: A ring enabled by the Green Lantern's power battery (see above)
  • Omega Rod: A rod wielded by Big Barda of the New Gods.
  • Radiotron: A Thanagarian invention by Katar Hol that detects radiation.
  • The Scepter of State: An alien staff controlled by opposing factions during the Martian civil war on Mars.
  • The Star-Sapphire: Used by the Zamarons to empower and brainwash their champion—enemy of Green Lantern Hal Jordan.
  • The Super-Cycle: A floating three-wheeler used by the Forever People (and for a short time, by Young Justice).
  • The Worlogog: Complete map of the entire space-time continuum, held by Metron of the New Gods
  • The Yellow Power Ring: Crafted by the Weaponers of Qward, worn by the Sinestro Corps.
  • Zeta Beam: Teleportation device from Rann.
  • The Zulfiqar: Heaven device of infinite power which can traverse space and time, wielded by Ali, Used by different men to kill Zeus, Odin and other Heads of Pantheons at different Times, also is an Interdimensional means of transport, Makes the wielder Immortal and prevent any harm being inflicted onto the wielder.

Superpowered elements[edit]

(Powers which use scientific elements)

  • Astro-Force: Used by the New Gods.
  • Dilustel: The element of which Captain Atom and Major Force is made from.
  • Emotional Spectrum: Power from Oa fueled by stellar spectrums in the DC universe
  • Lava Blasts: Lava powers used by Geo-Force.
  • Infinity-Beams: Energy beams used by Infinity-Man through his hands.
  • Heat Vision: Beams of infrared radiation vision used by Superman.
  • Omega Effect: Anti-matter energy beams used by Darkseid through his eyes.
  • Quantum Field Manipulation: Atomic energy conducted by Captain Atom.
  • Scarabaeus: Mystic artifact and power source for the Scarab.
  • Source: Energy at the edge of the universe which permeates from the Source Wall.
  • Speed Force: Mystical field tapped into by the speedsters in the DC Universe.
  • Star Bolts: Energy bolts shot from Starfire's fists.
  • Timestream: The source for time travel in the DC Universe
  • X-Element: Material used to power technologies from the fourth world, its energy substance stabilizes Boom tubes.

Magical items[edit]

  • The Amulet of Anubis: Worn by Doctor Fate.
  • The Black Diamond: A black Apokoliptian crystal connected to Eclipso.
  • The Book of Destiny: Tome carried by Destiny of the Endless which contains the past, present, and future.
  • The Book of Eternity: A powerful spellbook of enchantment written by Merlin. The Book of Eternity contains the story of existence, giving the controller vast magical powers. It first appeared in The Demon vol. 1 #1 (August–September 1972), and was created by Jack Kirby.
  • Bracelets of the Aegis : Or the Silver Bracelets of Victory are magical cuffs used by Wonder Woman.
  • The Cloak of Destiny: Cloak worn by Doctor Fate.
  • The Gauntlet of Atlas: Briefly worn by Wonder Woman.
  • The Green Bell of Uthool, Silver Wheel of Nyorlath, and Red Jar of Calythos: Used together to summon the Demons Three.
  • The Helmet of Nabu: Also worn by Doctor Fate.
  • Idol-Head of Diabolu: Ancient artifact and Time Capsule from Mars which gives ordinary people powers.
  • The Ibis-Stick: A magical staff wielded by Ibis the Invincible.
  • The Lasso of Truth: Also called the Golden Lasso or Lasso of Hestia, used by Wonder Woman.
  • The Lost Scrolls of Herculaneum:
  • The Materioptikon: Weapon of Doctor Destiny, powered by the Dreamstone of Morpheus, capable of warping reality with the power of dreams.
  • The Medusa Mask: Grants the ability to project emotions to others, the power source for the second Psycho Pirate.
  • The Mystic Symbol of the Seven: A talisman wielded by Doctor Occult.
  • Mystical Lantern: Grants powers to the hero Jack O'Lantern.
  • The Necronomicon: The ultimate book of black magic, and the source of Felix Faust's power.
  • The Night Sword: AKA the Sword of Night, can deflect magic. The main weapon used by Nightmaster.
  • The Orb of Ra: The heart of the Egyptian God Ra, source of Metamorpho's powers.
  • The Philosopher's Stone: A magical stone used by Merlin to change Jason Blood into Etrigan and later used as the primary weapon for Doctor Alchemy.
  • Pierre Menard's 'Don Quixote:
  • The Ruby of Life: Power source of Sargon the Sorcerer.
  • The Sandals of Hermes: Briefly worn by Wonder Woman.
  • The Scarab: Empowered the first and current Blue Beetles.
  • The Spear of Destiny: Weapon that pierced Christ on the cross, once used by Hitler to prevent superheroes from invading World War II-era Germany.
  • The Starheart: Source of the Green Flame, contained within Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.
  • The Tantu Totem: Talisman that links the heroine Vixen to all animal life.
  • The Trident of Lucifer: A weapon currently carried by Blue Devil.
  • The Trident of Neptune: A weapon currently wielded by Aquaman and one of the seven Relics of Atlantis.

Natural elements[edit]

  • Dionesium: A meteorite from the Dark Multiverse which gave Vandal Savage powers.
  • Kryptonite: The irradiated remains of the planet Krypton.
  • The Lazarus Pits: Alchemical pools used by Ra's al Ghul to extend his life.
  • Flame of Py'tar: A mystical source of power in the heart of the planet Kalanor.
  • Nth Metal: Native to Thanagar. A magical alloy which manipulates the four fundamental forces.
  • Promethium: A super-strong metal used for making Cyborg's armor and Deathstroke's staff.
  • Radion: A toxic substance which affects the New Gods.
  • Argonium-44: A curing substance found in the center of the Phantom Zone. Used in Superman: Brainiac Attacks by Superman to shield himself from Brainiac's modified Kryptonite laser and also to cure Lois Lane's Kryptonite radiation poisoning inflicted earlier by Brainiac.

Drugs and chemicals[edit]

  • Gingold: The concentrated extract of the Gingo fruit that gives Elongated Man his stretching powers.
  • Krotan: A shapeshifting drug.
  • Joker Toxin: A chemical compound used specifically by Joker.
  • Miraclo: The chemical compound developed by Rex Tyler that gives him superpowers for one hour.
  • Super Vitamins: A super-power enhancement pill.
  • Titan Formula: A chemical formula created by the Joker which combines Joker Toxin with the super-drug Venom.
  • Venom: A dangerous super-steroid once used by Bane.
  • Fear Toxin: A Chemical formula and compound used by scarecrow to make his enemies have fear hallucinations.

Future Tech[edit]


  • The Aerie One: Personal aircraft of the Birds of Prey.
  • The Aerie Two: Helicopter used by the Birds of Prey.
  • The Arrowcar: Former vehicle of Green Arrow.
  • Brainiac's Star Ship: Later called his Head Ship, a ship used by Brainiac with tentacles and in the shape of a skull.
  • The Batboat: Batman's mode of water-based transportation.
  • The Batcycle: A specialized motor-cycle used by Batman.
  • The Batmobile: Batman's primary method of transportation.
  • The Batplane: Batman's airborne method of transportation.
  • The Bug: Blue Beetle's method of transportation.
  • The Invisible Plane: Wonder Woman's shape-shifting invisible jet.
  • The Pax Romana: Alien spaceship used by Alpha Centurion.
  • The Redbird: Robin's vehicle of transportation.
  • Steel Eagle:JSA airplane constructed by Ted Knight.
  • The Sunrider: Spaceship used by the Starhunters.
  • The Timesphere: A time-traveling device used by Rip Hunter and his agent Booster Gold.
  • The Whiz Wagon: A multi-terrain vehicle used by the Newsboy Legion.


  • Adam Strange's Ray Gun: A specialized ray gun developed by the people of Rann. Possesses multiple functions.
  • Batarangs: A specialized boomerang used by Batman.
  • Deathstroke's Staff: A staff and a type of bazooka carried by Deathstroke the terminator.
  • Lobo's Chain and Hook: Main weapon used by Lobo.
  • Kryptonite Ray Emitter: Used with multiple projectiles in Lex Luthor's devices.
  • Sword of Beowulf: Used by a version of Beowulf in DC Comics and most recently by the super-villain Harm in the Young Justice cartoon.
  • Nth Metal Mace: Used by the Hawk family, Was a mace constructed of thangarian nth metal. Had anti-magic capabilities and an electric core.
  • Omega Rod: Main weapon used by Big Barda.
  • Joker Bang Gun: A gun that shoots out a flag that drops and has a big red BANG! sign.

Other items[edit]

  • Adam Strange's Jet Pack: A specialized jet pack developed by the people of Rann.
  • The Batcomputer: A powerful supercomputer used by Batman.
  • The Bat-Signal: A spotlight used by the Gotham City Police Department to summon Batman.
  • Batman Battle-armor: A range of suits fit for certain scenarios.
  • The Bio-Belt: A device powered by white-dwarf radiation; used by the Atom to alter his size.
  • Cosmic Armor: Used by Scarlet Skier.
  • The Cosmic Rod and Cosmic Converter Belt: Built by the original Starman Ted Knight, passed down through the generations of Starmen and Star-Spangled Kids, now held by Stargirl.
  • Cosmic Skis: A pair used by Scarlet Skier and another by the Black Racer.
  • The Cosmic Treadmill: A device used by the Flash to travel through time and dimensions.
  • The Crime Bible: A bible which focuses on evil and is affiliated with Cain and Lilith in the DC Universe.
  • The HERO Dial: Temporarily transforms people into superheroes.
  • The Gravity Rod: Prototype version of Starman's Cosmic Rod.
  • The Purple Ray: A healing device created by Baroness Paula von Gunther and used by the Amazons. It also has a "Purple Death Ray" version.
  • T-Spheres: Artificially intelligent mini-holographic projectors designed by the second Mr. Terrific.
  • Superman Kryptonite suit: A lead spacesuit created by Star Labs in order to help protect from kryptonite, etc.
  • Universe Orb: Contains the history of the multiverse. Its contents were gathered by Harbinger, until she entrusted it to Donna Troy. The Universe Orb is used as a plot device to retell the History of the DC Universe.
  • Utility Belt: A specialized belt with gadgets used by Batman.
  • Batman's Grapple gun: A Gun That has a Grappnel piece that shoots out with a cable attached and he can pull himself up to buildings trip people or zipline.