Lazbuddie, Texas

Coordinates: 34°23′35″N 102°36′41″W / 34.39306°N 102.61139°W / 34.39306; -102.61139
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Lazbuddie (/ˈlæzˌbʌdi/ LAZ-bud-ee) is an unincorporated community in Parmer County, Texas, United States. Named for local business owner Luther "Laz" Green, and his partner, Andrew "Buddie" Sherley, the community grew up around the store they opened in 1924. Later, a post office and school were established. The town has two cotton gins, a grain elevator, a hardware store, and several churches. The community's focal point is the Lazbuddie Independent School District which educates children from the surrounding rural area. Six-man football is played at Lazbuddie High School. On May 10, 1991, three tornadoes hit the ground in Lazbuddie and the event was caught on camera by farmers.

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34°23′35″N 102°36′41″W / 34.39306°N 102.61139°W / 34.39306; -102.61139