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León David Najnudel (14 July 1941 – 22 April 1998) was an Argentine professional basketball player and basketball coach, and the main driving force in the creation of the Liga Nacional de Básquet, the first nationwide yearly professional basketball league in Argentina.[1]

Playing career[edit]

Najnudel played for Villa Crespo, Victoria, Barracas Juniors and Atlanta.

Coaching career[edit]


Ferro Carril Oeste
CB Zaragoza


  • League games: 448 games with 241 wins and 207 losses. (53,80%)
  • Regular Series: 388 games with 207 wins and 181 losses. (53.35%)
  • Post-Season: 60 games with 34 wins and 26 losses. (56.66%)

Liga Nacional de Básquet[edit]

Najnudel, along coaches José María Cavallero and Horacio Seguí, as well as journalist Osvaldo Ricardo Orcasitas, were the main proponents of the creation of the Liga Nacional de Básquet. The goal was finally achieved on 26 April 1985, when the first game of the league was played.

The new nationwide league allowed basketball to grow in cities other than Buenos Aires, like in Bahía Blanca and Córdoba, that became important basketball centers.


Najnudel died of leukemia in 1998.[1]


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