Leśna Prawa

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Leśna Prawa
Leśna Prawa 1.JPG
Leśna Prawa in Hajnówka
Country Poland, Belarus
Basin features
Main source Dubiny
River mouth at Kamyanyets on the Leśna Lewa
Basin size 996 square kilometres (385 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 132.7 kilometres (82.5 mi)

The river Leśna Prawa (Belarusian:Правая Лясная), in north-eastern Poland and western Belarus, is a tributary of the Bug River (right bank).

The Leśna Prawa flows through the geographical region of Europe known as the Wysoczyzny Podlasko – Bialoruskie (English: Podlasie and Belarus Plateau) located within the Podlaskie Voivodeship of Poland and the Hrodna Voblast of Belarus. Major part of the river flows through Puszcza Białowieska.

River flows through: Hajnówka, Topiło, Kamyanyets.

Tributaries: Łuch, Chwiszczej, Perebel, Przewłoka, Miedna.

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Coordinates: 52°26′24″N 23°54′31″E / 52.4400°N 23.9087°E / 52.4400; 23.9087