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Leclerc, Le Clerc, le Clerc, LeClerc
Family name
Carl Wilhelm Hübner Beim Schreiber.jpg
Meaning clerk, scribe
Region of origin France
Language(s) of origin French
Related names Schreiber, Schrieber, Scriver, Schriver, Schriever, Schriewer, Schriefer, Schrijver, Schreber; Scrivener, Shriver; Deák; Clerc, LeClerc, Clark, Clarke (Clarke), Clarck, Clerck, Klerk, Klerck; Ó Cléirigh; Sofer

Leclerc, Le Clerc, LeClerc (for North-Americans of French descent only) and le Clerc are typical French or Francophone surnames which can refer to:

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