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LeRoy Whitfield (born in Chicago, September 19, 1969 – October 9, 2005) was an American journalist who chronicled his personal experience with HIV infection and AIDS. Whitfield was diagnosed with HIV at nineteen in 1990, and wrote a column, "Native Tongue", run in HIV Plus magazine since May 2004. He opted not to take antiretroviral medication, though his doctors suggested that he should. He also contributed to Vibe magazine and was an editor at Poz, a magazine intended for people with HIV. He focused on AIDS in his (black) community.

At the end of his life his T-cell count was 40, and his viral load 230,000. Nonetheless, he could not bring himself to take antiretroviral medication.

He died in New York City of "AIDS-related complications," at the age of 36.

He is survived by his mother; his brother, Crofton Whitfield; and his sister, LaRonya Whitfield.


Published: October 16, 2005