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Launched 1957
Headquarters South Bend, Indiana, US
Website http://www.lesea.com

LeSEA (Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association) is a multi-level ministry founded in 1957 by the late evangelist Dr. Lester Sumrall. The LeSEA organization now encompasses three independent ministries: the LeSEA Broadcasting Corporation, LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry, and LeSEA Ministries.

Dr. Lester Sumrall, Founder[edit]

Lester Frank Sumrall was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 15, 1913. At the age of seventeen, as he was about to die of tuberculosis, God gave him a choice to either preach the gospel or die an untimely death. He chose to serve God and became an itinerate preacher. Lester Sumrall then began traveling with the worldwide evangelist Howard Carter in 1935. Together, the two men traveled the globe, sharing the gospel, and implanting in Lester the heart of a missionary. He would then spend much of his life traveling and ministering in every part of the globe. Lester Sumrall died in April 1996, leaving his ministry to his three sons and eleven grandchildren.

LeSEA Broadcasting Corporation[edit]

LeSEA Broadcasting Corporation is a multi-media network which covers the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through local market television stations, national cable channels, a shortwave radio network, local FM stations, an Israel tour department, a supplement-based health system, originally produced programs, and a Bible distribution program.

LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry[edit]

After traveling the world as a missionary for sixty years, Dr. Lester Sumrall witnessed the suffering caused by hunger and poverty. In 1987, he established LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry in order to provide humanitarian relief to those plagued by desperate situations. Since its founding, LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry has distributed more than $165 million worth of food and relief supplies in 82 nations around the world. The organization focuses on pastor-to-pastor and church-to-church relationships in order to distribute food and supplies, so it can be placed directly into the hands of local church leaders.

LeSEA Ministries[edit]

LeSEA Ministries was founded in 1957 when Dr. Sumrall felt called to build his own church in South Bend, Indiana. He established Christian Center Church, which still exists today. Over time the church has formed a broad scope of ministries. LeSEA Ministries now operates Indiana Christian University, the World Harvest Ministers Network, and Sumrall Publishing. LeSEA Ministries focuses on helping the community build the church through training, fellowship, and resources.

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