Le Censeur

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Le Censeur  
Le censeur cover Vol1.jpg
Discipline Sociology and Politics
Language French
Edited by Charles Dunoyer and Charles Comte
Publication details
Mme. Marchant., 1814 (France)
Publication history

Le Censeur was a French journal of institutional and legal reform, described sometimes as a Journal Industrialiste, founded in 1814 by Charles Dunoyer and Charles Comte as a platform for their liberal, radical, anti-Bourbon and anti-Bonapartist views. The journal's publication was interrupted due to political difficulties but it reappeared in 1817 under a new title Le Censeur Européen. It was discontinued in 1820 due to repressive press laws.[1][2][3]

Publication details[edit]

Le Censeur

  • Vol. I June 1814
  • Vol. II-X 10 November 1814- 6 September 1815

Le Censeur Europeen

  • 12 Volumes - Autumn 1817 - 17 April 1819

Notable contributors[edit]


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