Le Chasseur Zéro

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Le Chasseur Zéro
Editor éditions Albin Michel
Author Pascale Roze
Country France
Language French
Genre novel
Publication date
22 August, 1996
Pages 163

Le Chasseur Zéro (lit. "The Zero Fighter") is a novel by the French writer, Pascale Roze. It was published on 22 August, 1996 by éditions Albin Michel and won the Prix Goncourt and the Prix du Premier Roman that year.


Le Chasseur Zéro is set in the Pacific theater of World War II, and is about a Japanese kamikaze who, in April 1945, manages to strike an American Battleship off of the island of Okinawa while flying a Mitsubishi A6M. The plot shifts to three months later, when a girl named Laura receives news of her father's death aboard the same battleship. In France, Laura's mother and her grandparents begin to grow apart, and no one will explain to Laura the circumstances of her father's death. She begins to repeatedly hear the screaming sound of the diving Zero in her head and nothing can make the noise stop. The memory of her father's death begins to upset her studies and her relationships.