Le Congo, quel cinéma!

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Le Congo, quel cinéma!
Directed by Guy Bomanyama Zandu
Produced by Zandu Films
Cinematography Pierre Mieko
Edited by Guy Bomanyama Zandu
Release date
Running time
7 minutes
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo

Le Congo, quel cinéma! is a 2005 documentary film directed by Guy Bomanyama-Zandu.[1]


Congolese cinema came to light by means of propaganda and educational films during the colonial era. Nowadays, local productions have a hard time keeping their above water, and Congolese filmmakers wonder about the future of a cinema lacking any kind of support. The film is a documentary about Congolese three technicians (Claude Mukendi, Pierre Mieko, and Paul Manvidia-Clarr) and Ferdinad Kanza, a director who made films in the years 1970-1980 and work at the National Radio Television of Congo.[2]


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