Le Curé de village

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Le Curé de village
Illustration from an 1897 edition
by Daniel Hernández
Author Honoré de Balzac
Country France
Language French
Series La Comédie humaine
Publisher Hippolyte Souverain
Publication date
Preceded by Le Médecin de campagne
Followed by Le Lys dans la vallée

Le Curé de village (The Village Priest) is a novel by Honoré de Balzac. It first appeared in La Presse in 1839. Frequently revised, the edited text was published as a separate volume in 1841. It covers themes that Balzac had already developed in le Médecin de campagne - improvements to living conditions in rural areas and redemption through self-sacrifice. It was first conceived as a detective novel and includes a mysterious death, with the attitude of its main character Véronique Graslin remaining mysterious until the end of the book.