Le Guess Who?

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Le Guess Who?
Savages and Bo Ningen at Le Guess Who? festival 2014.jpg
Genre Different
Dates November, May
Location(s) Utrecht, Netherlands
Years active 2007–present
Founded by Bob van Heur and Johan Gijsen

Le Guess Who? is a Dutch music festival featuring independent music in styles such as noise rock, indie rock, and IDM, held in Utrecht since 2007. The festival takes place on various locations in the city of Utrecht.

During most editions the line-up consists of more than sixty acts that rarely perform in the Netherlands or acts that have their first show there. The first edition in 2007 only featured Canadian acts but nowadays the festival has many international acts that make an appearance. The festival takes place in the last week of November. Due to the touring schedule of many of the bands, the line-up has a big overlap with other European festivals that take place in the same period.

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