Lê Hồng Anh

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Lê Hồng Anh
Le Hong Anh.jpg
Executive Secretary of the Secretariat
In office
3 August 2011 – 4 February 2016
General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng
Preceded by Trương Tấn Sang
Succeeded by Đinh Thế Huynh
Minister of Public Security
In office
28 January 2002 – 3 August 2011
Prime Minister Phan Văn Khải
Nguyễn Tấn Dũng
Preceded by Lê Minh Hương
Succeeded by Trần Đại Quang
Chairman of the Central Inspection Commission
In office
22 April 2001 – January 2002
Preceded by Nguyễn Thị Xuân Mỹ
Succeeded by Nguyễn Văn Chi
Member of the Politburo
In office
19 January 2011 – 27 January 2016
Member of the Secretariat
Assumed office
19 January 2011
In office
22 April 2001 – 25 April 2006
Personal details
Born (1949-11-12) November 12, 1949 (age 67)

Lê Hồng Anh (born November 12, 1949) is a Vietnamese politician who was the Minister of Public Security of Vietnam from 2002 to 2011.[1] He was conferred the rank of General by the President of Vietnam on January 9, 2005.

Later, he was a member of the Politburo, Standing Secretary of Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, one the country's five key leaders, along with General Secretary, President, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the National Assembly.[2][3]

Anh, also called “Út Anh”, was born in Vĩnh Bình Bắc Commune, Vĩnh Thuận District, Kiên Giang Province. He studied law and gained a bachelor of law and a bachelor of politics. He joined the Communist Party of Vietnam on March 2, 1969.


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