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Le Jardin des Modes was a French language women's fashion magazine published monthly in France between 1922 and 1997.

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was first published in April 1922[1][2] as L'Illustration des Modes and aimed to a cutting edge group of fashion passionates. The founders were Lucien Vogel and his brother-in-law Michel de Brunhoff.[1] It offered a mix of beautiful illustrations, pattern making examples and cooking recipes. In 1923 the magazine was acquired by Condé Nast.[1]

From June 1940 until September 1944 during the German occupation the magazine stopped being published. In the 1950s the magazine took the lead, making it the reference for ready to wear. Its title changed to Jardin des Modes during this period.

In 1954 the publishers Hachette bought it out and (from 1948 till 1961) becomes the creative director. A number of well known photographers like (from 1957), Jeanloup Sieff (from 1959), and Helmut Newton (from 1961) were published there.

Due to a severe financial crisis in the late 1960s, the magazine stopped being published in 1971. From 1977 to 1979 it was published again, with Milton Glaser as the art director. Jardin des Modes was a reference for the haute couture and ready to wear trends as well as being the place to find news about fashion, photography, design, architecture and art[3] until 1997 when it ceased publication.[4]


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