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Le Juste Prix
Logo Le Juste Prix.png
Current logo of Le Juste Prix
Created by Bob Stewart
Starring Max Meynier (1987–88)
Eric Galliano (1988)
Patrick Roy (1988–92)
Philippe Risoli (1992–2001)
Vincent Lagaf' (2009–present)
Narrated by Gerard Vivès (2009–12)
Le Baron (Jean Marc Lancelot) (2012–present)
Country of origin France
No. of seasons 17
No. of episodes 5,387
Producer(s) FremantleMedia (2009–present)
Running time 60 mins (inc. adverts)
(1987–2001; 2009–present)
Original network TF1
Picture format 4:3
Original release December 13, 1987 – April 10, 2015
Related shows The Price Is Right (U.S. version)
External links
Website www.tf1.fr/le-juste-prix/

Le Juste Prix ("The Price is Right") is a French adaptation of the American game show The Price Is Right that airs on TF1. It first premiered in 1988 and ran until the original version was canceled in 2001. In 2002 a brief sequel, Le Juste Euro, ran on France 2 and was hosted by Patrice Laffont, it only ran for two episodes. On July 27, 2009 a new version of Le Juste Prix premiered on TF1. The current version is hosted by Vincent Lagaf with Gerard Vivès as announcer.


While all price elements were intact, the series utilized format changes that were exclusive and unique to this version. Here is a list of the format changes:

1987–88: Airing only on Sunday, this format featured three pricing games, and used the Big Wheel (La Roue) to determine the two Showcase (La Vitrine) players, with players spinning 100 in only one spin winning a bonus prize. A variation of this format would be used on the German version of TPiR, when it premiered in 1989.

1988–2000: The format most fans are familiar with, the show expanded to seven days a week. On the Monday-Saturday shows, the show used the 1987 format, but there was only one La Roue winner; that person moved on to the Sunday finals; that used the traditional hour-long format, with the two La Roue winners advancing to La Vitrine.

1998–2000: Starting in 1998, the daily winners got a chance to win a trip, by playing a version of Clock Game called "Le Grand Voyage", in which the player has 20 seconds to guess the price of the trip. This game moved to the regular lineup in 2000.

2000–01: Losing the weekend airings, the new Monday-Friday shows kept the hour format, but the two La Roue winners faced off in a new La Vitrine, a hybrid of the U.S. & European Showcase formats. The top winner stopped a range finder with values ranging from 5,000₣ (€762) to 30,000₣ (€4,573). A single Showcase (usually over 100,000₣ [€15,244]) was presented; both players bid on it, and the one closest to the ARP AND within range won.

In the final season, when the Euro was coming into effect, all games gave their prizes and prices in both Francs & Euros.

Pricing Games[edit]

The name of the original pricing game in the US version is given in parentheses. Many of these follow the same rules and gameplay as the US version; for details, see List of The Price Is Right pricing games.

  • La tirelire (Any Number; last number in the car's price is given for free)
  • Le jeu de cartes (Card Game)
  • L'addition (Check-Out)
  • Le tyrolien (Cliff Hangers; mountain steps are 0₣-250₣ [€38])
  • Les 30 secondes (Clock Game)
  • La ligne de crédit (Credit Card)
  • Le prix interdit (Danger Price)
  • Le jeu de dés (Dice Game)
  • La pochette surprise (Fortune Hunter; played for 10,000₣ [€1,524])
  • Le vrai ou faux (Five Price Tags)
  • La caisse enregistreuse (Grocery Game; range to win is 95-99₣ [€14.48-€15.09])
  • Un zéro de plus (Grand Game)
  • Le dessus-dessous (Hi-Lo)
  • Le mini-golf (Hole in One)
  • Le Joker (Joker)
  • Le quitte ou double (It's in the Bag; top prize of 32,000₣ [€4,878])
  • Le roulé-boulé (Let 'em Roll)
  • Les 10 billets (Lucky Seven; played with 10 tickets instead of 7₣)
  • Le va et vient (Make your Move; played for a two, three, and five-digit prize)
  • Les clefs de la fortune (Master Key)
  • Les 3 tiers (Money Game; played for a six-digit prize; players must the three pairs of numbers that make up the price)
  • Un de plus, un de moins (One Away)
  • La balle au centre/Le lancer franc/Le Bowling/Les tirs au but (On The Nose; exact guess on the prize's price wins 5,000₣)
  • Le grand damier (Pathfinder)
  • Le doublé gagnant (Pick A Pair)
  • Le fakir (Plinko; top prize of 100,000₣, board is 500₣-1,000₣-2,000₣-0₣-20,000₣-0₣-2,000₣-1,000₣-500₣ [€76-€152-€304-€0-€3,040-€0-€304-€152-€76])
  • Le coup de poing (Punch-A-Bunch; top prize of 50,000₣ [€7,622])
  • Le grand prix/L'alarme fatale (Race Game)
  • Le baromètre (Range Game)
  • Le fric-frac (Safe Crackers)
  • Les 3 croix (Secret X)
  • La balle perdue (Shell Game)
  • La douche écossaise (Shower Game)
  • La superballe (Superball)
  • Le coup double (Swap Meet)
  • Le bouche-trou (Switcheroo; :10 time limit)
  • Le couplé (Take Two; same rules, but with a slot machine motif)
  • La tentation (Temptation)
  • Le méli-mélo (Ten Chances)
  • Le téléphone en or (The Phone Home Game; top prize of 50,000₣)
  • La main dans le sac (3 Strikes; played for a car and an extra prize -- the extra prize's price is what the player must fill in)

Pricing games exclusive to Le Juste Prix[edit]

  • Le code barre ("The Barcode")
  • Les fléchettes ("The Darts")
  • Le oui ou non ("Yes or No")
  • Le distributeur ("The ATM")
  • Les cerceaux
  • Le ciné-quiz
  • Le 50-50
  • Le TV quiz
  • Le Jukebox
  • Le Grand Voyage


When the series returned, it utilised one of the largest Price sets in the world, a two-story structure so big (as are some props), certain games required players to head to the second level.

The winner of La Roue played a revamped La Vitrine, an exact carbon copy of Le Grand Voyage, except the player had 25 seconds (and a given range) to guess the price of the Showcase, which ranged from €10,000-€100,000. One Bid items also vary, ranging from at least €20 to €1,000.

In addition, the theme song was a "Whistled" remix of the theme previously used in 2001.

Pricing Games[edit]

  • Le fakir (Plinko; same board as the U.S. version, but the highest value is €2,000 for a top prize of €10,000)
  • Le mini-golf (Hole In One)
  • Le tyrolien (Cliff Hangers)
  • Les 3 tiers (Money Game)
  • Le doublé gagnant (Pick A Pair)
  • La balle perdue (Shell Game)
  • Le grand prix (Race Game)
  • Le zéro de plus (Grand Game)
  • La tirelire (Any Number; U.S. rules)
  • Le roulé-boulé (Let 'em Roll; amounts of €100, €200, and €500)
  • Le Joker (Joker)
  • Les 7 billets (Lucky Seven)
  • La caisse enregistreuse (Grocery Game; range to win is €10-€11)
  • Pousse des dés
  • C'est trop ! Stop
  • Le quitte ou double (It's in the Bag; top prize of €4,000)
  • Les tirs au but/Le Bowling/Le lancer franc (On the Nose)
  • Le bouche-trou (Switcheroo; :30 time limit)
  • Le coup de poing (Punch-A-Bunch; top prize of €10,000)
  • Les 3 croix (Secret "X"; in this version, actual people represent the "X's" & "O's")
  • Le Jukebox
  • Le Dessus-Dessous (Hi-Lo)
  • Le Gratte-Gratte
  • Le Pochette Surprise (Fortune Hunter)
  • Le Fric-Frác (Safe Crackers)
  • Le Main das le Sac (3 Strikes, played with slightly different rules)
  • La Douche Ecosaisse (Shower Game)
  • Las Clés de la Fortune (Master Key)
  • Le Baromètre (Range Game)
  • L' Alarme Fatale
  • Le Vrai ou Faux
  • Le Mini-Bar (Exclusive to this version, it plays much like Hole In One)
  • Le TV quiz
  • Les Citations
  • Le Flipper (Exclusive to this version, it plays much like Plinko)
  • Le Prix en Boitê
  • Quel Chantier !
  • Le Brique Au Prix
  • Le Prix de la Verité (Five Price Tags; played with 4 tags)
  • La Pliue de Ballons
  • Le Prix Suspendu
  • Le Mur de Ballons


Season Start date End date Episodes Timeslot
1 December 13, 1987 July 10, 1988 31 Sun, 2:20 p.m
2 to 8 July 11, 1988 March 4, 2001 4,620 Mon-Sun, 12:30 p.m
9 March 5, 2001 August 31, 2001 130 Mon-Fri, 12:05 p.m
10 July 27, 2009 August 28, 2009 24 Mon-Fri, 7:05 p.m
11 January 4, 2010 May 14, 2010 95
12 October 18, 2010 March 18, 2011 110
13 June 6, 2011 July 29, 2011 40
14 September 26, 2011 December 30, 2011 70
15 September 3, 2012 March 15, 2013 140
16 August 26, 2013 January 10, 2014 100
17 January 12, 2015 April 10, 2015 65

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