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Le Nouveau Magazine Littéraire
EditorFrançois Bott, Jean-Jacques Brochier (1968), Jean-Louis Hue (2003) Joseph Macé-Scaron (2007), Pierre Assouline et Hervé Aubron (2014), Raphaël Glucksmann and Nicolas Domenach (2018)
PublisherGuy Sitbon, Nicky et Jean-Claude Fasquelle (1970),

Holding Artémis (years 2000),

Claude Perdriel and Maurice Szafran (2014)
First issue1966; 56 years ago (1966)
Based inParis

Le Nouveau Magazine Littéraire, formerly Le Magazine Littéraire, is a French monthly magazine about literature.[1] It is published by Sophia Publications.[2] The headquarters is in Paris.[3] It is available in print as well as online on Cairn.info.[2]

In 2014, it had a circulation of 20,300 copies.[4] The February 2015 issue was edited by author Pierre Assouline.[4] In October 2020, Claude Perdriel, owner of Sophia Publications, sold Le Nouveau Magazine Littéraire to Jean-Jacques Augier and Stéphane Chabenat.[5]


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