Le Mali

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Le Mali
English: Mali
Coat of arms of Mali.svg

National anthem of  Mali
Lyrics Seydou Badian Kouyaté
Music Banzumana Sissoko
Adopted 1962

Le Mali (popularly known as Pour l'Afrique et pour toi, Mali – French: For Africa and for you, Mali or A ton appel Mali – French: At your call, Mali) is the national anthem of Mali. The words were written by Seydou Badian Kouyaté and the music was by Banzumana Sissoko. Adopted as the national anthem in 1962, its themes are patriotism, national, and African unity. It states the willingness of the people of Mali to lay down their lives for their nation and for liberty. A common theme throughout the song is the desire to strive for a united Africa. Its music is a traditional European style military march.[1]

It was officially adopted less than a year after independence, by loi n° 62-72 du 9 août 1962. It is traditionally played at state ceremonies by the band of the Garde Républicaine of the Armed Forces of Mali. The Malian Young Pioneer movement of the 1960s translated the anthem in the Bambara language for its rallies.


French lyrics English translation
A ton appel Mali
Pour ta prospérité
Fidèle à ton destin
Nous serons tous unis
Un Peuple un But une Foi
Pour une Afrique Unie
Si l’ennemi découvre son front
Au dedans ou au dehors
Debout sur les remparts
Nous sommes résolus de mourir
At your call, Mali
for your prosperity
Loyal towards your destiny
we will be all united,
One people, one struggle, one faith,
For African unity
If the enemy should show himself
Within or without,
On the ramparts,
We are ready to stand and die.
Pour l'Afrique et pour toi, Mali,
Notre drapeau sera liberté.
Pour l'Afrique et pour toi, Mali,
Notre combat sera unité.
Ô Mali d'aujourd'hui
Ô Mali de demain
Les champs fleurissent d'espérance
Les cœurs vibrent de confiance
For Africa and for you, Mali,
Our banner shall be liberty.
For Africa and for you, Mali,
Our fight shall be for unity.
Oh, Mali of today,
Oh, Mali of tomorrow,
The fields are flowering with hope
And hearts are thrilling with confidence.


  1. ^ Recorded version at the site of the Assemblée Régionale de Ségou

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