Le Monde libertaire

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Le Monde libertaire
CategoriesPolitical magazine
FounderFédération Anarchiste
First issue1 October 1954; 65 years ago (1954-10-01)
WebsiteLe Monde libertaire

Le Monde libertaire (meaning Libertarian World in English) is an anarchist French newspaper and weekly organ of the Fédération Anarchiste.[1][2] Founded in 1954, it is the direct successor of Le Libertaire, to which contributed personalities such as Albert Camus, Georges Brassens, Louise Michel or André Breton.

History and profile[edit]

Le Monde libertaire was first published as a monthly magazine in October 1954.[3] Its name is a reference to another publication called Le Libertaire, which was launched in France in 1895 by Sebastien Faure and Louise Michel.[3] On 6 October 1977 its frequency was switched to weekly.[3] The magazine is published by the Fédération Anarchiste.[1][4]

Le Monde libertaire did not support the involvement of France in the war in Algeria.[5]


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