Le Monnier (crater)

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Le Monnier
Le Monnier crater 4078 h3.jpg
Coordinates 26°36′N 30°36′E / 26.6°N 30.6°E / 26.6; 30.6Coordinates: 26°36′N 30°36′E / 26.6°N 30.6°E / 26.6; 30.6
Diameter 61 km
Depth 2.4 km
Colongitude 330° at sunrise
Eponym Pierre C. Lemonnier
Oblique Apollo 17 image of Le Monnier
Le Monnier (crater) is located in Moon
Le Monnier (crater)
Le Monnier (crater) (Moon)

Le Monnier is the remnant of a lunar crater that has been partly inundated by lava flows. It is located on the eastern edge of Mare Serenitatis, and the western part of the rim is missing so that it now forms a large bay. To the north is the crater Chacornac.

The interior of this formation is relatively flat and smooth, with no significant craterlets to mark the surface. The outer rim is battered, worn, and notched with past impacts. Only slight wrinkle ridges now mark where the western rim once lay.

The landing site of the Luna 21 space probe is located near the southern rim of Le Monnier. Lunokhod 2, a robotic roving vehicle deposited on the surface by Luna 21, covered a distance of 37 kilometers across the crater floor. It also surveyed the southern edge of the crater rim.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Le Monnier.

Le Monnier Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 26.9° N 32.5° E 21 km
H 25.0° N 29.6° E 6 km
K 27.7° N 30.2° E 4 km
S 26.8° N 33.9° E 40 km
T 25.1° N 31.4° E 18 km
U 26.1° N 33.5° E 25 km
V 26.0° N 34.3° E 23 km

The following craters have been renamed by the IAU.


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