Le Moulin de Daudet

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Le Moulin de Daudet
Le Moulin de Daudet Klaus Schulze Album.jpg
Soundtrack album by Klaus Schulze
Released May 3, 1994
Recorded March to September 1992
Genre Electronic music, space music
Length 63:51 (original)
79:09 (reissue)
Label Virgin
Producer Klaus Schulze
Klaus Schulze chronology
The Dome Event
(1993)The Dome Event1993
Le Moulin de Daudet
Goes Classic
(1994)Goes Classic1994

Le Moulin de Daudet is the twenty-seventh album by Klaus Schulze. It was originally released in 1994, and in 2005 was the fourth Schulze album reissued by Revisited Records. Le Moulin de Daudet was released after Schulze's Silver Edition 10-disc CD box set, technically making this album his thirty-seventh. It is the soundtrack to the film of the same name (on the life of Alphonse Daudet). The reissue bonus track is an excerpt from the previously released limited promo CD Ion (2004).

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Klaus Schulze.

1."The Beginning/The Delegates"on original release4:03
2."Mother Sadness"on original release3:01
3."The Loss of the Factory"on original release1:56
4."The Youth"on original release1:46
5."Friday's Departure"on original release0:48
6."The Mill of Maître Cornille"on original release1:46
7."Maître Cornille in the Fields"on original release1:08
8."Folk Dance"on original release1:27
9."The Discovery of Maître Cornille's Secret"on original release1:48
10."Joy of Maître Cornille/Garden & Youth (Reprise)"on original release3:14
11."Landscape/Way to the Old People"on original release2:36
12."Old People's Piano"on original release3:25
13."Old People's Farewell"on original release2:00
14."Exodus"on original release4:50
15."Le Petit Dauphin I"on original release5:29
16."Le Petit Dauphin II"on original release1:34
17."First Church Sequence"on original release1:59
18."Second Church Sequence & Organ"on original release6:55
19."St. Pierre"on original release2:15
20."Paradise & Inferno"on original release5:53
21."Finale"on original release4:57
22."The Ion Perspective"reissue bonus track; complete version on Eternal (2017)15:58

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