Le Nouvelliste (Haiti)

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Le Nouvelliste
Le Nouvelliste.png
Le Nouvelliste first issue.jpg
First issue of Le Nouvelliste, 1 August 1899.
Type Daily newspaper
Founder(s) Guillaume Chéraquit
Editor-in-chief Frantz Duval
Founded May 2, 1898
Language French
Headquarters 198, rue du Centre
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Circulation 18,000
Website lenouvelliste.com

Le Nouvelliste is a French-language daily newspaper printed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and distributed throughout the country, particularly the capital and 18 of the country's major cities.

The paper was founded in 1898 by Guillaume Chéraquit originally under the name Le Matin, to become Le Nouvelliste 15 months later. Printing was entrusted to Chéraquit's friend Henri Chauvet. Today Le Nouvelliste is Haiti's oldest and largest daily newspaper.

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