Le Onde

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Le Onde
Le Onde.jpg
Studio album by Ludovico Einaudi
Released 1996
Genre Classical
Label Sony Classical
Ludovico Einaudi chronology
Le Onde
Eden Roc
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Le Onde is an album released in 1996 by the Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi. The album is based on the novel The Waves by British writer Virginia Woolf, and was Einaudi's first solo piano album.[1] The album enjoyed mainstream success, particularly in Italy and the UK.

Track analysis[edit]

Le Onde[edit]

Le Onde is a slow and flowing piece. Einaudi claimed that he wrote the piece "Le Onde" when he was thinking of The Waves.

The piece is split into parts, with each part being repeated until the coda at the end which brings it to a close. It builds up texture incorporating a melody in the right hand and long fast arpeggios in the left. There is a distinctive chord pattern which repeats throughout the arpeggios. In the chorus there is a key change and the arpeggios change to incorporate new melodies and motifs.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Canzone popolare (1500 ca.)" 0:57
2. "Le onde" 4:55
3. "Lontano" 4:49
4. "Ombre" 5:23
5. "La linea scura" 4:53
6. "Tracce" 3:57
7. "Questa notte" 5:10
8. "Sotto vento" 7:02
9. "Dietro l'incanto" 4:46
10. "Onde corte" 3:22
11. "La profondità del buio" 3:52
12. "Passaggio" 4:46
13. "L'ultima volta" 4:24

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