Le prix du danger

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Le Prix du Danger
Le Prix du Danger.jpg
Le Prix du Danger movie poster
Directed by Yves Boisset
Written by Yves Boisset
Jean Curtelin
Robert Sheckley (based on a short story)
Starring Gérard Lanvin
Michel Piccoli
Marie-France Pisier
Bruno Cremer
Andréa Ferreol
Jean-Claude Dreyfus
Release date
January 1983
Running time
100 min
Country France
Language French

Le Prix du Danger (The Prize of Peril) is a 1983 French-Yugoslav science fiction movie, directed by Yves Boisset. It is based on Robert Sheckley's short story "The Prize of Peril", published in 1958.


The most popular television game show in the near future is one where everyday men or women volunteer to be hunted. They are hunted down and killed by a team of five pursuers, also volunteers from different walks of life. If they survive they will get an enormous cash prize. But no one has managed to survive... so far.

Our hero, a family man, needs the money, so he takes part in the game. He proves out to be very good, but things are not what they seem.

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