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Le Québécois Libre (or QL) was an online libertarian magazine, or webzine published in Quebec, Canada. The QL, owned and published by Martin Masse since February 1998,[1] portrayed a classical liberal point of view on numerous topics, particularly related to current affairs in Quebec, or, to a lesser extent, France and the United States.

The principal language of the magazine was French, but a quarter of the articles were written in English. Le Québécois Libre accommodated all liberal views including minarchism and anarcho-capitalism.

The name Le Québécois Libre is a pun on "Québec Libre", a nationalist slogan, as the magazine aimed to promote the freedom of those living in Quebec rather than the nationalist aim of promoting the state.

It featured articles by Martin Masse, Ron Paul and Pascal Salin, among others. In 2016 the magazine ceased publication.[2]


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