Le Vieux de '37

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Le Vieux de '37 by Henri Julien.

Le Vieux de '37 (French for "The Old One of '37", more accurately translated as "The Old Man of '37") is the name under which is known an illustration by Henri Julien created in approximately 1880 to illustrate Le vieux patriote, a poem from Louis Fréchette.

It depicts a participant of the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837 and 1838 which sought to make of Lower Canada (present-day Quebec) a democratic republic independent from the British Empire. It is nowadays one of the best known symbols of the Rebellion. It was used by the Front de libération du Québec upon pamphlets and communiqués during the 1960s and the year 1970. Some contemporary Patriote flags are flanked with them in their center.

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