Le Volume Courbe

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Le Volume Courbe
Origin London, England
Genres Experimental pop
Instruments Vocals, guitar, glockenspiel
Labels Honest Jons, Astralwerks, Pickpocket Records
Website www.levolumecourbe.com

Le Volume Courbe (French for "The volume curves") is a band by French-born, London-based singer/songwriter, Charlotte Marionneau. "Le Volume Courbe" was a name of a sculpture by a friend of Marionneau's, Marcel Marionneau, a French sculptor living in the region of Vendée (France).[1]

In 2001, Le Volume Courbe released the "Harmony/Papillon De Nuit" 7" on the Poptones record label. In 2005 Marionneau recorded her debut album I Killed My Best Friend with contributions from Kevin Shields, Colm Ó Cíosóig, Hope Sandoval, and David Roback among others. The album was first released on Honest Jon's and was then picked up by Astralwerks in 2006.

In 2007, Le Volume Courbe released the "Freight train/The House" 7", a collaboration with the band Primal Scream on the label Trouble Records.

In 2008, Le Volume Courbe played a series of festivals and tour dates in Europe and the US, most notably, with the newly reformed My Bloody Valentine. The touring lineup included Marionneau on vocals, Theodore Hall on guitar, Mel Draisey on violin, glockenspiel and percussion, and Wild Cat on drums.

In 2011, Le Volume Courbe released a 10" EP titled "Theodaurus Rex". This was the first release on "Pickpocket Records", the label founded by Kevin Shields and Charlotte Marionneau.

In 2013, Le Volume Courbe are toured with My Bloody Valentine in the UK.

In 2015, Le Volume Courbe released the single "The House"/"Monte Dans Mon Ambulance" on the Ring The Alarm record label.



Guest Vocals (Charlotte Marionneau)

In My Place (1997) Simon Raymonde - Blame Someone Else - Bella Union

Dutch Housing (2002 ) Piano Magic - Writers Without Homes - 4AD

Dutch Housing (Sybarite Remix) (2002) Piano Magic - Writers Remixed (12", EP) - 4AD

Mono Random (2003) 7-Hurtz* - Electroleum - Output Recordings

All The Things You Are (2010) Television Personalities - A Memory Is Better Than Nothing - Rocket Girl

Production and Vocals

Why You Have To Be Me (2003) 7" - Whitey - PPQ


Kicks - Lindy Heymann (2009): featured I Killed My Best Friend

The Kid - Nick Moran ( 2010): featured I love the Living You


Skins, Season 4 /Episode 6 ( 2010): featured Freight Train


Harmony (2001) Various - Poptones Presents Radio 4 - Epic/Sony

Ain't Got...I Got Life (2006) Various - From Colette With Love - Colette

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Wooly Jumpers: (2011) Various Artists - Wool Recordings

Colette Nuggets Volume 2 (2011) Various - Colette - Colette


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