Le Douanier

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Le Douanier
Country of origin Canada
Region, town Noyan, Quebec
Source of milk Cow
Texture semi-soft/creamy
Fat content 30%
Protein content 11g (per 50g)
Aging time ?
Certification -

Le Douanier is a wash-rinsed cheese made by Fritz Kaiser in Quebec, Canada. It is similar to a Morbier. Le Douanier won the 2004 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.[1] It also won a Gold award (entry class 5316, number 15) at World Cheese Awards 2015.[2] It is a surface-ripened cheese, ivory in colour and has a little bit of a hazelnut flavour that comes out with age.

The wheel of cheese has an edible vegetable line running through its center.[3] This symbolizes the Canada–US border that is very near the Fritz Kaiser fromagerie at which Le Douanier is made. The English translation of the cheese's French name, "Le Douanier", is "the customs officer".[1]

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