Le glaive et la balance

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Le glaive et la balance
Directed by André Cayatte
Produced by Willy Pickardt
Robert Sussfeld
Written by André Cayatte
Henri Jeanson
Charles Spaak
Starring Anthony Perkins
Jean-Claude Brialy
Renato Salvatori
Music by Louis Guglielmi
Cinematography Roger Fellous
Edited by Paul Cayatte
Release date
1 February 1963
United States:
February 28, 1964
Running time
131 min
Country Italy
Language French

Le glaive et la balance (English: The Sword and the Balance and Two Are Guilty)[1]) is a 1963 French-Italian drama film directed by André Cayatte. It was written by Cayatte, Henri Jeanson and Charles Spaak. It stars the American actor, Anthony Perkins as the protagonist.


On the French Riviera, the son of a wealthy local woman is kidnapped for ransom. The police soon begin an investigation into finding the boy and apprehending two assailants. The kidnappers manage to escape the clutches of the police, killing their victim in the process. But three men are eventually discovered by the police at a lighthouse.



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