Le multicolore

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A table for Le Multicolore

Le multicolore is a game of chance from France and Catalonia that features characteristics of both roulette and bagatelle. In the game, a ball is rolled into a basin-shaped wheel, which is divided into twenty-five shallow cups. Each cup is assigned one of five colours, with a value ascribed. The game consists in predicting on which colour the ball will rest.

The game is played at several cercles de jeu[clarification needed] in France, where conventional roulette is not allowed.

Description and rules[edit]

The game is composed of a large gaming table provided with a circular disc on one of its extremes. This wheel has twenty-five identical cups of five different colours: six red, six green, six yellow, six white and one blue. Of the six cups of identical colour one is numbered 4, three 3 and the last two 2, while the blue cup is numbered 24. The wheel may spin, or be static.

Surrounding the table there is a layout divided and painted with these five colours, where the players can place their wagers.

To determine the winning colour, a croupier strikes, with a cue stick, an ivory ball into a rail, then the ball runs along the cloth, goes up a ramp and enters the circumference of the wheel. The ball eventually falls into one of 25 cups on the wheel.

The odds paid on the winning colour are 2, 3, 4 or 24 to 1, depending on the cup where the ball has fallen.