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Leader Dog
Created by Larry Schwarz
Written by Nick Malis
Country of origin United States
Running time 1 to 3 minutes
Original network Nicktoons
Original release January 4, 2004

Leader Dog is an animated series on Nicktoons. The series was produced by Animation Collective, created by Larry Schwarz and debuted in 2004. For a time a full 30 minute series was planned, but the idea was scrapped due to lack of interest from viewers.

This show is about a spunky dog who is abducted by aliens from Planet Zmed, whose king is King Adrian, sets two of Zmed's explorers, named Dave and Blark, in search for Earth's leader; the one that everyone follows.

At the very moment that they reached the Earth, a talking dog was trying to escape a maximum security city pound. With so many dogcatchers chasing the dog, Dave and Blark mistook the dog for Earth's leader. Immediately, they caught the dog, and the people of Zmed swore him in as a leader.

The show's primary plot is that the newly named "Leader" is showing the people of Zmed what and how he does things on Earth. However, with Leader being a dog, he is mainly showing the race what he and other dogs do on earth. With this, some of the more canine things he does are considered great feats to the Zmedians, like drinking from the toilet, playing dead, and even having a massive and rather nasty bowel movement.

The characters consist of King Adrian, the king who loves Leader and his ways, as well as Adrian's son, a spoiled young prince named Prince Guz who despises Leader in every way and tries to overpower him; and the twin explorers named Dave and Blark (one of them acts serious most of the time, while the other is more comedic and happy), who saved Leader. Like many of the other shorts that aired alongside it, each episode of the show is only one to three minutes long and aired randomly on Nicktoons.


  • Leader Dog (voiced by Larry Schwarz)
  • King Adrian
  • Prince Guz
  • Dave and Blark

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