Leader of the Opposition (Bangladesh)

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Leader of the Opposition
বিরোধীদলীয় নেতা
Rowshan Ershad SAARC in Dhaka 1986.jpg
Rowshan Ershad

since January 9, 2014
Style The Honourable
Term length While leader of the largest political party not in government
Inaugural holder Asaduzzaman Khan
Formation February 18, 1979
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The Leader of the Opposition (Bengali: বিরোধীদলীয় নেতা) leads the Official Opposition in the Jatiya Sangsad, the national parliament of Bangladesh. The Leader of the Opposition is normally the leader of the largest party not within the government which is usually the second largest political party in the Jatiya Sangsad.[1]

The post also carries weight-age of cabinet minister and is seen comparable to prime minister who is leader of house and also ruling party.

List of Leaders of the Opposition in Jatiya Sangsad[edit]

Leader of the Opposition Affiliation From Until
Asaduzzaman Khan   Awami League February 18, 1979 March 24, 1982
Sheikh Hasina   Awami League May 7, 1986 March 3, 1988
Sheikh Hasina   Awami League February 27, 1991 March 30, 1996
Khaleda Zia   Bangladesh Nationalist Party June 12, 1996 July 15, 2001
Sheikh Hasina   Awami League October 1, 2001 October 29, 2006
Khaleda Zia   Bangladesh Nationalist Party December 29, 2008 January 9, 2014
Rowshan Ershad   Jatiya Party January 9, 2014 Incumbent


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