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For the Leader of the Opposition in other parliamentary systems, see Leader of the Opposition.
Leader of the Opposition
Лидер на Опозицията
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Logo of the largest opposition party
Mihail Mikov

since 27 October 2014
Term length While leader of the largest political party not in government
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The Leader of the Opposition (Bulgarian: Лидер на Опозицията) is the politician who leads the official Opposition in Bulgaria.

The Leader of the Opposition is normally the leader of the largest party not within the government, which is usually the second largest political party in the Parliament of Bulgaria. An exception for this was the political party of GERB, which in the 42nd National Assembly was the largest party and the largest opposition with 97[1] seats in the Bulgarian Assembly, the second biggest party was the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) with 84[1] seats in the National Assembly.[2]

The current Leader of the Opposition is Mihail Mikov, leader of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), with 39 seats in the national assembly.

List of Leaders of the Opposition since 1990[edit]

# Leader Political Party Term of office
1 Zhelyu-Zhelev-20090423.jpg Zhelyu Zhelev Union of Democratic Forces 1990
2 Peter-Kirilov-Beron-20101116.jpg Petar Beron Union of Democratic Forces 1990
3 Dimitrov.JPG Philip Dimitrov Union of Democratic Forces 1990–1991
4 No image.png Aleksandar Lilov Bulgarian Socialist Party 1991
5 No image.png Zhan Videnov Bulgarian Socialist Party 1991–1992
(3) Dimitrov.JPG Philip Dimitrov Union of Democratic Forces 1992–1994
6 Ivan Kostov 2012 02.jpg Ivan Kostov Union of Democratic Forces 1994–1997
7 Georgi S. Parvanov.jpg Georgi Parvanov Bulgarian Socialist Party 1997–2001
8 No image.png Ekaterina Mihaylova Union of Democratic Forces 2001–2002
9 Nadezhda Mihailova.jpg Nadezhda Neynsky Union of Democratic Forces 2002–2004[NB 1]
10 Sergei stanishev.jpg Sergei Stanishev Bulgarian Socialist Party 2004–2005
11 Volen Siderov ATAKA.jpg Volen Siderov Attack 2005–2009
(10) Sergey Stanishev 2009 elections.jpg Sergei Stanishev Bulgarian Socialist Party 2009–2013
12 Boyko Borisov EPP 2014.jpg Boyko Borisov Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria 2013–2014
13 Mishomikov.jpg Mihail Mikov Bulgarian Socialist Party 2014–Present


  1. ^ In 2004, 29 UDF MPs led by Ivan Kostov left to form a new party, Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria. This lowered the number of seats of the UDF, thus making the Socialist Party the official opposition.


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