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Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition
Portia Miller Shoot.Jpeg
Portia Simpson-Miller

since 3 March 2016
Style The Right Honourable
Term length While leader of the largest political party not in government
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The Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition in Jamaica is the leader of the largest political party which has not formed the current government. The Leader of the Opposition is seen as the alternative Prime Minister and leads Jamaica's Shadow Cabinet. As of January 2012 Jamaica has had no Leader of the Opposition who has not also served as Prime Minister. P. J. Patterson is the only of Jamaica's nine Prime Ministers who has not also served as Leader of the Opposition.

The current holder of the post of Leader of the Opposition is Portia Simpson-Miller, a result of her party's loss in the 2016 general election.

Leaders of the Opposition of Jamaica[edit]

# Incumbent Portrait Tenure Political affiliation
Took office Left office
1 Norman Manley No image.png 1962 1969 People's National Party
2 Michael Manley Michael Manley.jpg 1969 2 March 1972 People's National Party
3 Hugh Shearer No image.png 2 March 1972 1974 Jamaica Labour Party
4 Edward Seaga 1974 1 November 1980 Jamaica Labour Party
(2) Michael Manley Michael Manley.jpg 1 November 1980 10 February 1989 People's National Party
(4) Edward Seaga 10 February 1989 24 January 2005 Jamaica Labour Party
5 Bruce Golding Bruce Golding.jpg 24 January 2005 11 September 2007 Jamaica Labour Party
6 Portia Simpson-Miller Portia Miller Shoot.Jpeg 11 September 2007 5 January 2012 People's National Party
7 Andrew Holness Andrew Holness.png 5 January 2012 3 March 2016 Jamaica Labour Party
(6) Portia Simpson-Miller Portia Miller Shoot.Jpeg 3 March 2016 Incumbent People's National Party

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