Leadership (book)

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Author Rudolph W. Giuliani
Ken Kurson
Publisher Hyperion
Publication date
October 1, 2002
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 407
ISBN 0-7868-6841-4
OCLC 50696922
303.3/4 21
LC Class HM1261 G58 2002

Leadership (published October 1, 2002, ISBN 0-7868-6841-4)[1] is a book written by Rudolph W. Giuliani (co-authored with Ken Kurson) about his time as Mayor of New York City and how he cleaned up New York City, reduced crime, and revitalized the economy of the city. Most of the book was written before the September 11, 2001 attacks, though Giuliani did include a section about his experiences that day and how he dealt with the emergency and the cleanup afterwards.

In 2007, this book was re-issued during Giuliani's presidential campaign, with a new introduction including Giuliani's perspective on various problems facing the United States.[2]


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