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Leaf Books is a small independent publishing house based in South Wales. It specialises in the publication of short fiction, micro-fiction and poetry by both new and established authors. Since its inception in 2006, the company has published over 200 authors. Leaf Books also has a series of A6 pocket-sized books, each book containing one short story (3000-5000 words) or a collection of short poems or micro-fiction.

Leaf Books has links to the University of South Wales, and was launched with the help of the university's GTI project. The publishing company was started with the intention of providing a publishing outlet for short story writers different to the usual route of magazines or anthologies. The company runs several competitions a year. All titles are selected anonymously from competition entries and published in competition anthologies. It also offers various authors' services under its Root Creations imprint, including critiques, web pages and help with self-publishing.[1]


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