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The Leaf Theater

The Leaf Theater is a historical theater in Quincy, Florida, run by the non-profit group Quincy Music Theater.

The Leaf Theater was built in 1949 and named for the economic impact of shade tobacco on the community.[1] Originally a movie theater, the grand opening was hosted by Roy Rogers. [2] The building had air conditioning, a cry room, and a separate entrance for blacks before desegregation took effect. [2] In 1980, the Leaf closed due to competition from multiplexes.[2]

In 1983, the building was purchased and donated to the Quincy Music Theatre group who restored it through a preservation grant, local funds [3] and private gifts from donors who were relations of the Quincy residents who were original purchasers of Coca-Cola stocks.[4] The theater now hosts live musical theatre and educational events throughout the year. In the summer, The Leaf sponsors a Children's Summer Theatre Workshop and film events.[5] Steven L. Taylor periodically conducts master class workshops at The Leaf.[6][7]


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