League1 Canada

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League1 Canada
FoundedMarch 31, 2022; 17 months ago (2022-03-31)
First season2022
Number of teams41 clubs (men)
39 clubs (women)
Level on pyramid3
Domestic cup(s)Canadian Championship
Interprovincial Championship
TV partnersOneSoccer (select matches)
Current: 2023 League1 Canada season

League1 Canada (L1C; French: Ligue1 Canada) is the third tier of the Canadian soccer league system. It is overseen by Canada Soccer Business, in partnership with participating provincial member federations. It is below the Canadian Premier League which is the top-tier national league in the country.

League1 Canada is contested by clubs from three regional leagues; League1 Ontario, League1 British Columbia, and Ligue1 Québec for both the men's and women's divisions. Each of these leagues represents the highest level of soccer sanctioned by their respective provinces. Dino Rossi has served as league president since May 2022.[1]


In 2011, the Première ligue de soccer du Québec was established to begin play in 2012, marking the return of semi-professional soccer in the province of Quebec.[2] In 2013, League1 Ontario was founded as a semi-professional league by the Ontario Soccer Association to begin play in 2014 with a men's division,[3] followed by a women's division in 2015.[4] After multiple years of consideration, League1 British Columbia began play in 2022 in both the male and female divisions.[5]

On March 31, 2022, League1 Canada was announced as an alliance of the three existing division three pro-am leagues, aligning the national soccer pathway.[6] L1O and L1BC adopted new logos that day, while the PLSQ transitioned to a common logo and rebranded to Ligue1 Québec in 2023.[6]

From August 12 to 14, 2022, the inaugural Women's Interprovincial Championship was held in Laval, Quebec. The competition was a four-team knockout tournament featuring the champions of each of the three divisions, as well as an additional team from the PLSQ (allocated as host).[7][8] A.S. Blainville won the inaugural title.[9][10] The 2023 tournament was held in British Columbia.[11][12]

In March 2023, League1 Alberta was announced with a five-team exhibition series to be played that summer.[13] The league plans to officially launch for the 2024 season with a minimum of six teams. In June 2023, League1 Prairies was announced with plans for the league to operate between Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The league plans to launch for the 2025 season. [14]

Provincial competitions[edit]


The league champion for League1 Ontario and League1 British Columbia is determined through a playoffs tournament, while the league champion for Ligue1 Québec is determined through the season standings.

League Men's division Women's division
First season Teams Current winner First season Teams Current winner
League1 Alberta 2024 5 2024 5
League1 British Columbia 2022 8 Whitecaps FC Academy (2023) 2022 8 Vancouver Whitecaps Girls Elite (2023)
League1 Ontario 2014 21 Simcoe County Rovers (2023) 2015 19 Alliance United FC (2023)
Ligue1 Québec 2012 12 FC Laval (2022) 2018 12 PEF Québec (2023)

League cups[edit]

Not to be confused with a league's playoff phase.

Cup Men's division Women's division
First season Current winner First season Current winner
Ontario L1 Cup 2014[a] Vaughan Azzurri (2018) 2015[a] Woodbridge Strikers (2018)
Quebec Coupe L1QC 2013 AS Blainville (2022) 2021 PEF Québec (2023)
  1. ^ a b The L1 Cup is currently on hiatus and will return in the 2024 League1 Ontario season.

Other secondary competitions[edit]

Cup First season Current winner
Men Women Combined trophy[a]
British Columbia Juan de Fuca Plate 2012[b] 2022 Whitecaps FC Academy (2023)
  1. ^ Trophy is awarded to the club with the most combined points acquired in the regular season by their men's and women's teams.
  2. ^ Trophy was awarded from 2012–2014 and 2017–2019 to men's Premier Development League teams in British Columbia. The trophy only became affiliated with League1 BC in 2022.

Interprovincial competitions[edit]


The Women's Inter-Provincial Championship is a four-team knockout tournament organized by League1 Canada. It is contested annually by the three provincial league champions with a fourth team qualifying from the host province's league. The tournament is held at the end of the season and determines a national champion.

Year Host Winner Runner-up
2022 Laval, Quebec Quebec A.S. Blainville Quebec AS Laval
2023 Langley, British Columbia British Columbia Vancouver Whitecaps Girls Elite Quebec PEF Québec


The winners of the men's provincial leagues qualify for the following year's Canadian Championship, organized by the Canadian Soccer Association. There are plans for a Men's Inter-Provincial Championship to begin in 2024.[15] From 2014 to 2016, prior to the formation of League1 Canada, the winners of League1 Ontario and the Première ligue de soccer du Québec (now Ligue1 Québec) participated in a similar competition known as the Inter-Provincial Cup.

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